Vol. 2, No. 7 - July 2011


M-1989 170 mm self-propelled guns on parade in P’y┼Ćngyang. (KCTV)

Articles in this issue include,

"M-1979/M-1989 170 mm Self-propelled Guns, Part II," by Joseph S. Bermudez Jr.

Sometime during the mid-to-late 1980s the Third Machine Industry Bureau, of the Second Economic Committee, began production of a new 170 mm self-propelled gun that would subsequently became known as the M-1989.

"Ku Yong-su, Father of KPA Armor Forces," by Joseph S. Bermudez Jr.

Yu Kyong-su (a.k.a., Ryu Kyong-su) was a first generation anti-Japanese revolutionary who was instrumental in the introduction of tanks (i.e., T-34-85) and armor (i.e., SU-76M self-propelled guns and BA-64 armored cars) into the KPA, organizing the service’s first armor school and commanding the first tank unit—the 15th Tank Training Brigade. Within two years the 15th would become the 105th Tank Brigade and soon thereafter the 105th Tank Division.

Editor’s Note and Endnotes