Joseph S. Bermudez Jr.

Joseph S. Bermudez Jr. is an internationally recognized analyst, award winning author and lecturer on North Korean defense and intelligence affairs and ballistic missile development in the Third World. He is concurrently Founder and CEO of KPA Associates, LLC; senior imagery analyst for 38 North at Johns Hopkins SAIS; senior advisor and imagery analyst for the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK); Satellite imagery analyst and advisor to the Korea Chair at the Center for Strategic and international Security (CSIS) and senior analyst, consultant and author for IHS Markit (formerly the Jane's Information Group); the publisher and editor of KPA Journal; and other related positions. Previously, has served as: Chief Analytics Officer and co-founder of AllSource Analysis, Inc., and senior all-source analyst and senior manager for DigitalGlobe’s Analysis Center.
He has authored four books and more than 300 articles, reports and monographs on numerous defense-related subjects. His books: Shield of the Great Leader: The Armed Forces of North Korea and North Korean Special Forces—2nd Edition are considered by many to be the definitive “open source” works on their subjects and have been translated into Korean and Japanese. His forthcoming books Armed Forces of North Korea- 2nd Edition, North Korean Special Forces 3rd Edition and North Korean Intelligence 1945-1980, promise to follow in this tradition.
Mr. Bermudez has consulted and lectured extensively in government and academic environments both in the U.S. (e.g., National Defense University, Columbia University, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Stanford University, U.S. Marine Corps University, U.S. Army Intelligence, U.S. Naval Intelligence, U.S. Navy Postgraduate School, etc.) and internationally (e.g., United Nations, Israel Defense Forces, International Institute for Strategic Studies, Republic of Korea National Defense College, etc.). He has also testified before the United Nations and U.S. Congress as a subject matter expert concerning North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear, chemical and biological warfare programs, satellite imagery analysis of North Korean political prisoner camps and ballistic missile development in the Third World.