Vol. 2, No. 2 - February 2011

An October 7, 2008 DigitalGlobe image of the Sasŭlp’o (A) area, village of Yesŏng-dong (B), the site where the new hovercraft base will be constructed (C), the Sasŭlp’o (D) and Koamp’o (E) patrol craft bases and landing craft bases (F). (DigitalGlobe)

Articles in this issue include,

"New Hovercraft Base at Sasŭlp’o," by Joseph S. Bermudez Jr.

During late 2010 ROK and US intelligence detected construction activity in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) near the west coast town of Sasŭlp’o, Hwanghae-namdo (i.e., South Hwanghae Province). Subsequent observations revealed that this activity was related to the construction of a new hovercraft base 1.5 km south-southwest of Sasŭlp’o. When operational the Sasŭlp’o base will represent the furthest forward (i.e., south) permanent basing of KPN hovercraft to date.

"Kim Cho’ng-u’n Biography," by Michael Madden

A biography of Kim Ok by Michael Madden of North Korean Leadership Watch. Kim Cho’ng-u’n (Kim Jong Un or Kim Jong-un) is the hereditary successor and youngest son of Kim Cho’ng-il. Cho’ng-u’n is currently a member of the Korean Worker's Party Central Committee and serves as a vice chairman of the Korean Worker’s Party (KWP) Central Military Commission (CMC) and is a general in the Korean People’s Army (KPA). His identity was publicized in September 2010.

"Correction: B-26 Invader"

"Addendum: Yŏnp’yŏng-do Attack"

"Addendum: Type-63 107 mm MRL"

Additional Material

Editor’s Note and detailed Endnotes are also provided.


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